Our lamb is pasture-raised Dorset-Ile de France-Suffolk cross using principles of Holistic Management, providing for healthy land, healthy animals, and happy people.  The grass and soil are the cornerstones of our product, and not only do we strive to produce the best quality product, but we strive to enhance the environment in which our product is produced.

We do small-batch productions of pigs each year. Greylaine Farm pork is pasture-raised on organic grains, food scraps, and whatever they would like to dig up and forage in their run tucked away in the fields and woods of the farm.  We raise heritage breeds like Berkshire, Tamworth, and Old Spot pigs. You can email us to inquire about pork availability and purchase.

We treat our animals with the utmost care. In a perfect world, we would process all animals on the farm where the animals feel the most comfort and least stress. However, due to USDA meat safety protocols, the majority of our animals are processed in Ferrisburgh, Vermont just down the road. The Royal Butcher upholds the highest quality standards just like we do and treats the animals with respect and care.  Our lamb average 45-55 lbs hanging weight and pork will range from 120 - 135 pounds - meaning that once further processed into retail cuts, some of that weight will be lost to trimmings and removal of bone.

We are more than happy to work with you on processing details - if there is something specific you want, we can most likely do it!