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Shiitake Micro-Farm


Shiitake Micro-Farm


The Shiitake Micro-Farm includes:
14 Inoculated shiitake logs and a heavy duty tub for soaking the logs to 'shock' them (i.e. stimulate them to produce mushrooms)

This package allows you to shock two logs each week giving you a consistent crop of about a half-pound of mushrooms for each two-log flush in spring and fall (these are cool-weather fruiting strains).

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How long will the logs produce mushrooms each year?

Bolts will produce 2-3 flushes per year. A flush takes about a week from emergence to harvesting. Can cycle the logs so they flush at different times, providing a more steady stream of mushrooms. Some strains are “forced fruiters” meaning they need to be dunked in a cold water bath for 24 hours and then they will fruit.

What is a flush?

A flush is an emergence of mushrooms. Each flush will happen all at once for each log followed by a period of dormancy before the next flush, usually about 2 months later.

How many pounds of mushrooms per year will one 18-inch log produce?

Generally around 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound total spread over 2-3 flushes, so about 1/4+ lb per flush.

How often do flushes occur after mushrooms begin to emerge for the first time each year?

Flushes occur 1-2 times in the spring and 1-2 times in the fall, weather dependent.

Click here for is more information on forcing your logs to fruit.

Do I harvest all mushrooms at once?

Once they’re ready, yes. Leaving mushrooms on the log too long will cause them to dry out and shrivel up. They become less pallatable after they peak.

For how many years will the logs produce?

3-7 years.

How might I dry my mushrooms to preserve them?

Drying racks in the hot sun or very low temp oven. We slice our mushrooms and use a home dehydrator to store our mushrooms in canning jars between flushes.

How do I store the inoculated log?

Somewhere out of the sun and wind. The most critical factor is to keep logs from completely drying out. We leave them in shady spaces under trees, best under Eastern White Pines if possible. You can use burlap to cover and soak the logs to keep their moisture content intact.

How do I prepare my inoculated log ready to begin producing?

Simply soak the log in cold-to-cool water for 24 hours in the spring and fall (no more and no less! 24 hours is the magic number) and then sit back and relax. In 5 to 7 days, your log will flush and you can harvest the mushrooms when you’re ready to eat them. Many of our logs are so well-inoculated that they fruit on their own; however, soaking the log will produce a more robust flush.

Some of the inoculation holes on my log look empty. What’s up?

No worries! Occasionally critters nibble at the sawdust spawn from some of the inoculation sites. This is not a cause for concern as the log are already fully colonized. As logs age, sometimes many of the inoculation sites are emptied, but by this time the mycelium has colonized the entire log (all the wood between the inoculation sites) and the logs will continue to fruit just fine.